“Help and advice about the live music business, written by a touring professional.”

Getting solid information about the live music business is difficult. There are not many good books that explain how this industry works, and that makes it difficult to achieve success. My books give you the facts, written from my perspective as an industry professional.

I write non-fiction guides for performers – singers, musicians, DJs -and those who want to work behind-the-scenes as live sound engineers, concert tour managers, lighting designers and backline technicians. I write with a positive, ‘you-can-do-it’ tone, giving you the knowledge and inspiration needed to get working and have success in the live music business.

My first book, ‘The Tour Book – How to get Your Music On-The-Road‘ is now out of print (copies are available for silly money on Amazon and other sellers). I am writing the 3rd edition now and that will be available in September 2020.

a book called playing your first music festival
a book called 5 steps to a roadie job
a book called the tour book how to get your music on the road