My name is Andy Reynolds and I have been involved in the music industry for 25 years as:

Live sound engineer.

Concert tour manager.

I use this experience and knowledge in my other work as:



Andy Reynolds live sound engineer

Live sound engineer.

I am an experienced live sound engineer, based in London.  You should hire me for your next project because:

  • I have mixed live sound for music artists for over twenty-five years. I understand how a gig ‘works’ and I anticipate the variables involved with live audio in a concert setting. I can help you prepare the audio for your show or tour and make your live sound the best it can be.
  • I have mixed sound at loads of festivals. My experience means I can not only mix ‘on-the-fly’ with no sound check and a short change over time, I can also help you to prepare the necessary live sound information that the festival will require before you perform –  desk show files, stage input lists, rolling riser requirements – making sure your slot goes without a hitch. Performing at an open-air, green—field festival is completely different to playing in a pub, club, or theatre. So much so I wrote a book on how to get the best out of your music festival performance. (You can download the book here).
  • I ‘get’ electronic music, club culture, and DJs. Many of my live sound engineering colleagues are old school, preferring ‘real’ instruments, and can be dismissive of DJs and Ableton-based artists. I have experience working with electronic artists, at festivals and on club tours, and can help you make the transition from the DAW to stage.
  • I understand sound level restrictions at festivals. I can’t ‘get round’ the limits, and I can work with the sound company, the ‘noise’ police’ (noise measurement consultants & environmental health officers) and you, to get the best possible volume, and quality, for your live audio.
  • I live in north London and so you will save money on transport, hotels, and other expenses, when you hire me for your showcase gigs, music conference appearances, London shows, and rehearsals. I can get to Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stanstead, within an hour on public transport, which again will save you money.
  • I love mixing live sound!

Concert tour management.

I have  worked for numerous international touring acts as tour manager, including George Fitzgerald, Maribou State, Super Furry Animals, Skunk Anansie, and Squarepusher, to name but a few.

I appreciate the evolution of the modern music artist, and the fact that many artists today are solo songwriters, producers and DJs, who rely on technology (and session musicians) to create their live show. This reliance on technology and other musicians to take the artist’s music from bedroom/studio to stage requires a great deal of technical and logistics planning – and can be very expensive. I have been part of many ‘studio-to-stage’ projects now, and so can advise on the most effective and financially viable method to create a memorable and sustainable live show.


I have taught live sound engineering and concert tour management for University of West London/London College of Music, Point Blank Music School, Tileyard Education, Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), Access to Music, The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), Buckinghamshire New University, BIMM,Liverpool University and City College Manchester, and also run  sessions and workshops about the live music business for other organizations including the Audio Engineering Society (you can see some videos of me speaking here.) I am a confident and enthusiastic teacher, partly because of my passion for my subject and partly through valuable knowledge gained from passing a PGC in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.


I have three books published:

The Tour Book – How To Get Your Music On The Road’, which was required reading on many music management institutions including Berklee College of Music. The book is out of print now, and I am writing a 3rd edition which is due out in 2020.

‘5 Steps to a Roadie Job – How to get Working On-The-Road With Touring Bands’ – a guide for touring concert techs.

Playing Your First Music Festival‘ – a mini-guide to performing at open-air, green-field, music festivals.

I have also written for several magazines and have been interviewed about the live music business for print and radio articles – see this Guardian newspaper  article featuring advice and comment from me.

Public speaking & appearances

I am available for speaking or interviews about the live music business and I love to help with either delivering a session  or helping to write content for modules and workshops. If you feel my experience would be useful to you then please contact me.