I am a tour manager, and I can help you save you, and your artists, time and money.

Modern tour management is more than just driving your artists to gigs, making sure they perform OK, and collecting the money.

Every show these days seems to be a one-off, a showcase, or a festival. Every aspect of each show has to be perfect – and you need someone with tons of experience to make sure everything is going to be perfect.

I’ve got tons of experience – 25 years of tour managing all genres, live sound engineering, DJ road management and, more importantly for you, budgeting and pre-production planning. The type of planning, preparation and attention to detail that every showcase and festival gig needs, and which will save you, and your artist, time and money.

If you’d like me to be involved with your artist’s summer gigging plans, then please call or text  me on 07762551886 or email me using the contact form below.

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