Do you use Linkedin to get freelance work? If not, it might be time to do so now.

Do you use Linkedin?

Linkedin has never been that popular with musicians, sound engineers, and other creative types, but things are changing, and you should definitely have a look at LinkedIn now as part of your work-finding strategy.

LinkedIn has always been the business networking and job finding site and has, in recent years, added other social media functions in order to appeal to more users. Now, it has added ‘ProFinder’, which helps people find freelancers (hey, that’s you!).

I’m just starting to play around with it myself, and it definitely has a lot of promise for freelancers trying to get more work. It still free (at the moment), although its reach is limited to the US and Canada, and Inc. magazine says it’s a “win-win” for customers, vendors, and LinkedIn alike”.

Have a look at Profinder and, while you are there, take some time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile.  I use LinkedIn, and I think its time will come for touring road crew.

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