RF tech – the new audio engineering job

I recently arranged a series of master classes for my 2nd and 3rd year Audio & Music Production students at Bucks New Uni. RF was the theme of one of the master classes and you can read all about it on page 14 of this month’s Lighting & Sound International:

http://www.lsionline.co.uk/magazine/issue/ (You will have to register to read the online magazine)

Thanks very much to Mark, Phil and Andy from Sennheiser for helping me to get this together and to Derrick Zeiba and Andy ‘Baggy’Robinson for giving up their valuable time to talk in-depth about RF and audio engineering for live music events in general.

One point raised again and again on the day was that skilled and knowledgeable technicians who really understand and can implement multi-channel RF set-ups are very few in number. As I mentioned at the time, if you really want a bullet-proof job in the live music business then you should study and become an RF tech.

5 thoughts on “RF tech – the new audio engineering job”

  1. Interesting .. I have worked with, on bigger shows of cors, a few “radio techs”(as they are called in my neck of the woods) and this makes sense though I have never really given it much thought. Will look out for the continuation of this subject.

    Any chance of an on-line course popping up soon?


  2. iv’e thought about this route myself any pointers on direction!!! some places iv’e approached are a little closeted (job security)

    • Erwin,

      Some manufacturers run training courses (Sennheiser for instance) – these are obviously hardware and operation orientated but the theory and physics of RF are covered to a certain extent. There are a couple of good books on RF for audio to back up this knowledge.

      I am also involved in the writing of an MSc Applied Audio Production which will cover RF in great detail. This will be delivered by Bucks New Uni in association several leading pro-audio manufacturers.


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