Results of the Concert Tour Management Survey 2010

Concert Tour Management Survey 2010

As the rewards from concerts and touring grow greater for artists, promoters, managers and agents, is it perhaps time to turn the spotlight on the role of the Concert Tour Manager?

The Concert Tour Manager (CTM) is a vital part of the modern concert touring industry. Usually a self-employed professional, the CTM works with the booking agent and artist manager to arrange the accommodation, transport, equipment and crew needed for a concert tour.

However,CTM’s are not regulated; there is no ‘Association of Concert Tour Managers’ for instance. Anybody can call themselves a Concert Tour Manager.

Changing legislation concerning health, safety and immigration continues to have an effect on the concert touring industry – is it right that an unregulated and inexperienced group should be given such responsibility for the travelling organisation?

With this in mind I polled more than 200 leading live music business professionals and touring road crew for their views on Concert Tour Management, training and education for the live music business, pay and conditions and much more.

The results of the  survey give a snapshot of how the participants in today’s live music business view the role of the Concert Tour Manager.

‘Concert Tour Management Survey 2010’ is available as a PDF download here:

Concert Tour Management Survey 2010

The results will provide you with a unique insight into how concert tour managers get hired onto tours, whether social networks such as Facebook have impacted upon employment opportunities and average pay rates for touring road crew.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Part One: Use of Concert Tour Managers.
  • Employing a CTM
  • Résumé.
  • Part Two: CTMs & Touring Crew – work, pay and conditions.
  • Skills and experience
  • Training and qualifications
  • Pay and conditions
  • Insurance & medical care
  • Professional organisations
  • Location
  • Conclusion

PDF copy. 29 pages.

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