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Eventric, the people behind Master Tour tour management software, have produced an all-new website with lots of product information. They are also offering a 30-day free trial of Master Tour. Check it out here:

Master Tour is a comprehensive database-driven application for the concert touring industry. I am a user and really like it as it works both on and off-line. I can access my tour data and work without an Internet connection ā€“ everything re-syncs once Iā€™m back online.There are also versions for iPhone and Blackberry.

I will be posting a comprehensive review in the near future. If you are already a user then please post your thoughts on Master Tour below.

3 thoughts on “Master Tour from Eventric – new website”

  1. The band Sugafunk just recorded it’s first Cd and would like to tour France. Can anyone out there provide any helpful information that can help ? Looking for an agent that book overseas. The band is very professional and a great horn section. Please respond.


    Lazarro Nettles

  2. I just started viewing the material and already the information provided is so helpful… I encourage every musician to sign up, you wont be dissapointed.

  3. I love MT, it just makes life simple on the road and I happly recomend it to any artists/tm at no matter what level they are touring at, I am looking forward to a merch part of the accounting – get the 30 day trial and you will wonder what you did before!

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