Facebook Live for musicians, bands, and DJs

Facebook made its Facebook Live  feature available to all not long ago, with the ability to stream video to Facebook Groups and Facebook Events from your iOS or Android device. So, if you have a group set up for your fans, or you have an event coming up soon, you can create a ‘Live’ video that streams to all the group members or event invitees, and they can interact with what you are doing in the video.

This type of streaming could obviously be used to stream a gig (but the distortion of your phone’s microphone might be a problem), and I think a more exciting, and fan-rewarding, use, is to stream other activity such as pre-gig rehearsals, backstage chats, Q&A sessions and virtual meet ‘n’ greets. This type of activity is easy to film and, more importantly, is ripe for plenty of interaction with your fans.

Periscope from Twitter has similar functionality and seeing how Facebook’s user base is considerably larger than Twitter’s , it does not take much imagination to see how powerful and effective Facebook Live videos are going to be for you when playing gigs or getting people excited about an upcoming DJ set, for example.

There are several guides on using Facebook Live (This one from Hubspot is particularly good) that you should read up on to make the most out of any live streaming video you create.

For instance, one of the take-aways from the Hubspot article is that you should have another person (band member, manager, boyfriend) on a desktop version of Facebook at the same time as you are streaming. It’s much easier to keep on top of mentions and interactions that way.

As with everything, quality will win in the end. Thousands of bands are likely to start streaming hours of poorly shot, dark, distorted videos – just because they can. However, if you plan your streaming, have plenty of interaction with those who ‘tune in’, and give them a reason to keep in touch, then Facebook Live could fulfill the same role as, err, playing live.

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