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Online Courses About The Live Music Business

I have produced one online music business course so far (Aug 2016) and am busy creating other online, home-study courses about the live music business.

5 Steps to A Roadie Job online course

5 Steps to A Roadie Job online music business course
5 Steps to A Roadie Job online course trial

Get information about how to get touring road crew jobs by enrolling in the ‘5-Steps to a Roadie Job’ course. This online course is a beginner’s guide to getting touring music tech work with bands on tour. Following the 5 simple steps will enable you to earn a full-time living as a live sound engineer, touring lighting person, concert tour manager, backline tech, or other touring crew job.

Why you should enroll in this course

You are really interested in working as roadie, going on tour with bands. However, you can’t find out how to get started, and you are worried that you don’t have the necessary skills or experience to get you the job. In fact, you don’t really know what skills and experience you need to become a touring music tech – most Internet resources simply say it’s hard, manual work, or that you will be ‘setting up sound and light equipment’. Doesn’t really help you much does it?
That’s why I’ve written this online course – to give you the information you need in order to get started as roadie, working with bands on tour. The course is meant for people, like you, who have absolutely no idea of how to get started. And, in case you are wondering, you won’t need any ‘roadie’ experience or other training to start with, as you will be told what skills, experience or training which will be useful to you in step 3 of the 5 steps.
The music business online course for people who don’t know where to start to get a roadie job, with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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