Using Guest List Tickets to Boost Your Career

Artists I work with often complain that their management or record company gets their hands on the band’s guest list passes and tickets before the band members do. This is especially true of festival tickets and passes. Although I can see the band members’ point of view, I find this complaint to be short-sighted. I … Read more

The Etiquette of Sound Checks

Playing a show will usually involve some kind of sound check. This check will take place before the public arrive and involves setting up your equipment, having the sound engineers place appropriate microphones and DI boxes, cabling everything into the mixing console and playing a  couple of songs in order that the front-of-house engineer can … Read more

17 ways for musicians to stay safe when performing at festivals

17 ways for musicians to stay safe when

You will hopefully be playing an open-air music festival show such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Roskilde or Pukkelpop this summer – maybe for the first time. And, while providing you with the potential to reach out to an increased number of music fans, the scale of a festival stage may be daunting. One of … Read more

The oldest trick for new bands in the live music business.

Billboard magazines’ annual Concert Touring Conference took place last week, with discussion and opinion on the live music business from booking agents, promoters, venue representatives and artists themselves. You can read a summary here. Of particular interest was the panel on ‘How to Tour and Make Money (Even If No One Knows Who You Are)’, … Read more