Playing Your First Music Festival


Make Your Festival Show Rock!

Playing Your First Music Festival by Andy Reynolds

If you are playing your first green-field music festival or outdoor show you may not be quite sure how it all works on the other side of the ‘Artists Only’ sign. In which case, you should read this mini-guide to make the most of your first festival slot.

I have toured with bands and singers for more than 25 years, and works on loads of open-air, ‘green-field’ type festivals, such as Glastonbury, Roskilde, Coachella and Bonaroo, each summer. I know how bands can have a good show at a festival – and have seen first-hand how they can mess up their chances by not being prepared for that all -important music festival slot.
It is very, very important to your musical career that your festival appearances happen with no hitches, dramas or technical problems. There is so much competition at music festivals, and every band that performs has that once chance to ignite the crowd. None of the bands can afford to be ill-prepared or leave things to chance. But you need not worry about any of that – you will hit the stage looking like a pro after reading this book!


  • What you need to do to prepare – its more than rehearsing your songs.
  • How to gather the information the festival organisers need from you.
  • What music festival audiences want.

Don’t leave anything to chance – download this Kindle book and make the most of your first festival show!