Playing Your First Music Festival – a book by Andy Reynolds

Are you playing your first green-field music festival or outdoor show soon? Not sure how it all works on the other side of the ‘Artists Only’ sign? Don’t worry; help is at hand.

My name is Andy Reynolds, a concert tour manager & live sound engineer, and I have written this mini-guide (50 pages), to give you my tips on making the most of your first festival slot. I have toured with bands and singers for over 25 years, and work on loads of open-air, ‘green-field’ type festivals, such as Glastonbury Festival, Roskilde Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts, and Bonnaroo, each summer. I know how bands can have a good show at a festival – and how they can mess up their chances by not being prepared for that all -important music festival slot.

Your musical career depends on your music festival appearances happening with no hitches, dramas or technical problems. Audiences go to music festivals to see and hear great bands. If they catch you, playing a great set and full of confidence, they are more likely to become fans of you and your music. You should remember there is so much competition at each festival, and every band has that one chance to ignite the crowd. No band can afford to be ill-prepared or leave things to chance, But you need not worry about any of that – you will hit the stage looking like a pro after buying this book!

a book about playing at your first music festival

After reading, ‘Playing Your First Music Festival’, you will know about:

  • The differences between a venue show and your performance at a festival
  • Preparing your live set for ultimate impact
  • How to use your guest tickets to attract industry taste-makers
  • The don’ts and dos of selling merchandise at festivals

…and much more.

This is a short guide (50 pages in paperback) that will give you the low down on how a modern, open-air festival works, what you need to do to prepare for your slot, and how to make the most of your time while at the festival.

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