14 Things You Should Know About Touring On A Sleeper Bus

It is festival season again which means bands and their crews are clambering aboard sleeper buses in order to travel around Europe and sit in muddy fields for hours on end. Of course, touring by sleeper bus goes on throughout the year on both sides of the pond; it is by far the most convenient … Read more

Do you have a tattoo? Then you can become a roadie!

This article comes from the Guardian newspaper. It is a concise and irreverent description of the ‘rock’n’roll’ jobs in the live music business. I’m not sure if I amused or annoyed at the suggestion all touring road crew are tattoo covered, drug-taking baby sitters. There have been quite a few pieces written about ‘roadies’ and … Read more

Ten Tips for Getting the Most out of Every Gig you Play

Getting to play any gig is an achievement in itself these days. More and more bands are competing for headline shows or opening slots. You should feel proud of yourself any time you manage to get yourself a booking for yourself or your band.

Getting the gig is the beginning though. You then need to make sure you take advantage of each show you get. Turning up an performing is only a part of your night. Each show you play should achieve three goals:

  1. Impress the audience.
  2. Get new fans.
  3. Sell merchandise.

I see constantly see bands, turntablists and singers waste the opportunity their live appearance presents by failing at step 1 – being un-professional and therefore not impressing the audience. If your audience is not impressed you are not going to achieve steps 2 and 3.

Here is a list of actions you can take at every show to make sure you achieve all three goals.

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