Tour Manager challenge pt5 – post script

We sold one shirt.

1 thought on “Tour Manager challenge pt5 – post script

  1. I’m happy I found a dedicated page for this little understood, stressful but such a fun job!

    Yup. Sounds pretty familiar when it comes to big festivals, unless it’s clear your band is headlining. On standalone gigs, especially as a part of a longer tour, merch sales can be what brings a smaller tour in the black. I was tour managing for the first time this spring and took care of the merch sales myself, or borrowed staff from the venue whenever possible, but didn’t agree to any concessions. Here’s a report from behind the merch booth:

    But this will also depend heavily on the genre: metal fans buy, own and wear merch many time more than dedicated fans of many other genres. Posters are cheap and sell easily to many genres, and media (sold under RRP!) should be the minimum stock for any night, I’d think.

    I’ll come back to your blog, keep it up!

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