Tour Manager Challenge PT4

The club dates are booked. The band’s [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec] has done a great job at such short notice and has managed to get the band a club show in Leeds (their home town) on the Saturday night before the festival as well as show in Dublin.

Knowing this I can now look at the flights from New York. Ideally I want the band coming in a couple of days earlier before the shows; the band agrees but an earlier arrival will cost extra in hotels and [tag-tec]backline rental.[/tag-tec]

The drummer’s contact at the airline has come up with some routing and cost scenarios which are expensive and getting more expensive all the time

We have nailed down the flights for the UK guitarist going to New York – he is going out on the 9th to rehearse and play some US shows with the band and will come back to the UK on the 16th. The rest of the band is probably going to arrive in the UK on the 19th June. There will then be a couple of days of rehearsal before the club show.

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