Tour Manager Challenge pt3

We have movement.

I have been contacted by the band’s management. I had assumed, as this was a new and unsigned project, that there was no artist personal management company involved. It appears I was wrong. I don’t mind being wrong in this case as it means I have other channels to go through in order to get the information I need.

I also had a face to face meeting with the drummer, my ‘go-to’ guy. He came to the UK on a flying (ho!) visit and we managed to grab some time to trash out various logistics. I now have a pretty clear of what is going on.

There are four band members, 3 of which as English ex-pats living in New York. The fourth member lives in the UK and will be flying out to the US to rehearse with the band and then returning with the others on their incoming US -UK flight. Complicated? That’s not the half of it!

The drummer has a really good friend who works for an airline. He is trying to get a good deal for airfares through her and I am going to investigate other flights at the same time. However, we still cannot agree on definitive dates for flights. It seems we may be laying more gigs during this trip.

The band has asked the [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec] to try to get some club shows around the festival shows. This is good news. The band is obviously thinking about maximising their exposure on this trip. It should be easy for the [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec]; he is one of the biggest [tag-tec]booking agents[/tag-tec] in the UK and I am sure he can pull some strings with the small club promoters. The agency should be able to shoe-horn the band onto a bill somewhere in the country, hopefully in London or Leeds (the band’s hometown).There will be no money for the band but it will be a good warm-up for the festival shows.

(This is common practice – you will often find your favourite band playing a tiny club the night before major festival shows. The band would not do it before their headline show in a major venue. Playing another show (no matter how small) would rob ticket sales from the major show. The situation is different for festivals. Tickets sales for festivals are not dependant on one particular act and there would be no restrictions on any artist playing other shows during that time.)

My problem is that until the [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec] confirms the club dates I still have no idea as to when I should fly the band in and out of the UK. I have slightly more than a month to go – flight prices are increasing all the time.

It may be hard for the agent to get shows – this is a major festival weekend we are talking about – the majority of music fans (and that includes the promoters of the small clubs) will be firmly entrenched in various muddy fields across Europe and will not be going to club shows in London or wherever.

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