Tour Manager Challenge pt2

I have been grappling with the list of predicted expenses for these festival shows for 4 days now. There are so many variables involved; it is hard to get a handle on the exact scenario I am dealing with.

As the [tag-tec]band tour management[/tag-tec] organising a tour or event requires me working out who and what is needed where and when. I then have to use that information, not only to cost out how much the band is going to make (if anything) from doing the tour, but also to communicate to other interested parties such as the [tag-tec]concert promoters[/tag-tec] production people.

My problem with this job is the scarcity of real information. Getting the tour started needs I have to produce a list of predicted expenses. In order to get the list of predicted expenses I have to get the tour started. It is always a chicken and egg scenario and many times I end up going around in circles until I get the one piece of information I need to make the whole scenario work.

For instance the band is based in New York. The proposed shows are in England and the Republic of Ireland. With only £3000 to spend I really need to nail down the costs of the flights from the US to the UK and back. An immediate concern is their time frame over here – when do they want or need to fly into the UK and when are they going to return? Transatlantic flights tend to be a lot cheaper if you can incorporate a Saturday night stay i.e. Wednesday to Wednesday but every day they spend over here (the UK) day here means more in accommodation costs.

London is pretty much the most expensive city on earth now and hotel accommodation is at a premium. I need to book hotels as soon as possible and still have no idea of when the band needs accommodation for!

As soon as I get the flight costs into my budget I will know exactly how much I have to spend on other expenses and, indeed, whether the band can actually afford to do these shows!

Assuming I work my magic and can bring the tour in for £3000, there is the question of gear. This band can not afford to ship their US back line over with a specialised freighting company and you cannot really put an Ampeg 8 x 10 on a commercial flight. This means I am going to need to rent equipment over here in the UK. To do this I need to know the line up of the band and an idea of who needs what.

Usually the band’s [tag-tec]artist management[/tag-tec] company or [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec] would supply me with information about rental requirements, gear lists etc. In this case my main contact is the drummer of the band. He is definitely the ‘go-to’ guy and so far the person who has been filling in the blanks.

Unfortunately, as well meaning as he is, the drummer’s view of what is important are very different to mine. The basic ‘nuts and bolts’ I need to get these dates sorted are still not there.

Time marches on….

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