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I have been running for several years now. The site is designed to give you and other visitors some basic knowledge about [tag-tec]band tour managers[/tag-tec]and the [tag-tec]live music industry[/tag-tec].

As successful as the site has been, I still want to pass on more information and knowledge about touring, playing shows and gaining work in the live music industry.
That is why I have written a book on this subject. The book is called The Tour Book – How to get Your Show on the Road’ and will be published by Course PTR/Thomson.

The book came about as a response to the many requests I get via for advice on the [tag-tec]live music industry[/tag-tec]. Bands and artists constantly ask me how they can get more gigs or go on tour. I also get a lot of enquiries from people who want to work behind-the-scenes as crew on rock tours.

I researched the subject and found there was no definitive guide to this subject.

There are several really good books about the [tag-tec]music industry[/tag-tec] out there (I totally recommend All You Need to Know About the Music Business) but nothing that really deals with the contemporary [tag-tec]live music industry[[tag-tec]tag-tec].

You might consider this subject to be dealing with a small and very specialised part of a struggling [tag-tec]music industry[/tag-tec]. Whatever you may have read about the [tag-tec]music industry[/tag-tec] as a whole, you should know live music is a highly succesful business to be in and a business that is creating a huge industry. For instance, in 2005, concert ticket sales totalled $3.1 billion in North America alone! 

Playing live is therefore an integral part of the success for any musician, band or artist. There is a huge difference between writing and recording your songs in your home studio or rehearsal space and then going out and putting on a show. If you can’t cut it live then you really are not going impress any audience, let alone gain a record deal and sell your music.

OK, but how do you make sure your show has the maximum impact? How do you appear professional and knowledgeable in an industry that has its own conventions, language and baffling technical terms? How do you get booked into a venue – and get paid? How do you then get bigger and better shows?

These are all the questions I answer in ‘The Tour Book’.

I have worked with bands for a long time now and I know that the music industry is extraordinarily fickle.You will often only get one chance to make that lasting impression. By being unprepared and unprofessional you run the risk of making mistakes. Those mistakes could lead to the end of your career, before you even get started!

If you are serious about working or performing in the [tag-tec]live music industry[/tag-tec] you are going to need some help to avoid those mistakes. That is why I wrote ‘The Tour Book’; to help you!

In ‘The Tour Book’ you will learn:

  • How the industry works – what [tag-tec]artist managers[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]concert promoters[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]booking agents[/tag-tec] actually do and how they work together to arrange shows and tours
  • How to understand show contracts and how to produce your own [tag-tec]show contracts[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]contract riders[/tag-tec] and technical specifications enabling you to get more money for your shows!
  • How to prepare yourself for playing live; rehearsing, checking and understanding your equipment, writing a ‘killer’ set list and knowing what to do when all goes wrong on stage.
  • What the ‘big’ [tag-tec]booking agents[/tag-tec] and [tag-tec]concert promoters[/tag-tec] are looking for and how to get those huge shows.
    Industry terms and conventions – be able to converse with music business people and crew alike.
  • How to gain and keep work in the industry as a [tag-tec]booking agent[/tag-tec], [tag-tec]promoter[/tag-tec], technician or service provider
  • Featuring interviews with key industry figures and successful bands, the book is stuffed with insider hints and tips to help you get YOUR show on the road!

    I hope you find ‘The Tour Book’ useful. You can pre-order the book here

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