Sky News advice on encouraging audiences to leave your gig

Sky News have written this nice piece based on some of the advice featured in ‘The Tour Book’. You can read the article here or see it below.

(For the record, I did not tour with The White Stripes. I actually organised pre-production for their European tour a couple of years ago.)

Sky News:

It’s a recurring problem for music venues across the land – how do you get rid of the fans who just won’t go home when the gig’s over?

The answer is apparently quite simple – start playing them music they loathe through the PA system and watch them turn on their heels.

“There’s always a section of the crowd that won’t go home,” says tour manager Andy Reynolds, who’s been on the road with bands like The White Stripes and Super Furry Animals.

“I’ve found the fastest way of telling people that the show’s over and getting them moving is to play them 1920s Trad Jazz. You’ll be surprised how quickly that gets hairy heavy metallers out of the door,” he told Sky News.

The tip is just one on offer in a new guide Andy’s written called The Tour Book.

It’s designed to help new bands understand every aspect of touring from crewing to contracts.


“It always amazes me how little bands know about the work that goes into a tour,” Andy said.

“Even established acts don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes.

“Often a band will turn up at 4pm to soundcheck, not realising that the crew’s been on the go since 8am. Bands should always be mindful of that.”


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