Session 2 : Live Music Strategy

A strategy guide for using live music to ‘break’ an act, based on university lectures I have produced. You can see part one here.

This is an extract from the transcript:
You have been told about the ‘diagram’, and the relationship between the four components of the live music business – the artist, the artist manager, the booking agent and the promoter. All the four parts will have expectations about the artist’s participation in the live music business and it is initially up to the artist and artist manager to manage these expectations. Also, the artist manager may have to manage the expectations of a record company, if one is involved.
There are two reasonable expectations:

Expectation 1: Playing live will help to market the artist
Expectation 2: There will be a strategy to do this.

There are also the ‘background’ assumptions that will shape those expectations:

1.Playing live is expensive
2.Playing live is time-consuming to organise
3.It is difficult to organise in the early days of an artist career
4.There is competition from other music and non-music events



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