Sennheiser Education Day at the British Music Experience

Sennheiser recently sponsored an ‘Education Day’ at the British Music Experience at the O2 Bubble in London.

My Audio & Music Production students were invited along and were treated, amongst other topics, to a passionate explanation of the current RF spectrum changes affecting “Program Making and Special Events” users. (That’s everyone with a piece of wireless gear.)

Debate on the apparent uncertainty regarding the future availability of UHF frequencies for radio microphones, IEMS and instrument transmitters has been going on in pro-audio magazines and blogs for a while now.  As a pro-audio user I try to keep up with what is happening with the spectrum sell-off as it affects me and the artists I work for. But it’s a pretty ‘dry’ subject at the best of times – introducing this to 1st year under-graduate audio production students was never going to be easy. Hats off then to the Sennheiser team, led by Andy Lillywhite and Alan March, for making an engaging and impassioned presentation.

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