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Would you like to help by writing a review for ‘5 Steps to a Roadie Job – How to Get Working On-The-Road with Touring Bands’?

I‘m not sure it’s for you, but I’ve written a new version of my old  ‘Roadie, Inc.’ book, and I need some reviews on Amazon. The new book is called ‘5 Steps to a Roadie Job – How to Get Working On-The-Road With Touring Bands’ and its a guide for people who have no idea where to start in finding touring road crew work. It comes out officially next week and you can download it now (Kindle version*) to have a look.

If you feel you can help out by reading and reviewing the book then please:

1. Download the book from Amazon:

Download the book from Amazon at The new book is currently $1.99 on Amazon for the Kindle* version. I can’t make it free (or cheaper) until it officially goes on sale due to the large file size (apparently). I WILL REFUND YOUR PURCHASE COST VIA PAYPAL – details below.

Purchase the book and download it to the KIndle reading app of your choice*. Read, enjoy, and formulate your thoughts for a review.


Ask me for a PDF copy

Send me an email to and I will send you a PDF copy. You have to go to Amazon to review the book, so it might be easier just to download it from there anyway!

2. Go back to the book product page when you are ready to leave a review

Click on the small ‘leave a review’ link. You may even be prompted by Amazon to leave a review.

3.Add a descriptive title, a star rating, and write your review.



Please be honest. A good review should tell the reader whether the book is not/is good for them if they want to learn about this subject. This guide is intended for people who have absolutely no idea where to start in their journey to becoming a ‘roadie’. Does this book help them with finding out what to do? I dont want you to spend too much time on this and a couple of sentences would be much appreciated!

That’s it, and I really appreciate your help!

The book officially goes on sale Thursday 20th December and it would be great if you could post up your review before then.

Please email me, with a copy of the review you posted, if you would like a refund of your purchase price, to I will send your money via Paypal, so please include your Paypal email address. You must also mention, in your review, that you received a review copy from me if you choose to ask for a refund. Thank you.

*You don’t need a Kindle Reader to read the book. You can read a Kindle book on any device – even your phone. Go to the Apple App store or Google Play store to download the Kindle app. I will be adding all the other ebook versions – Apple book, Kobo, and Nook, as well as a printed version, after the holidays.


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