A page for ‘Playing Your First Music Festival’ book reviewers

Thank you for having a look at this page…

– hopefully you will also have time to have a look through the book and leave a review for me on Amazon!

Amazon star ratings & reviews are vital in creating ‘social proof’ for potential customers. I did not understand this with my other releases, and have not got many reviews for them, thus affecting sales. It will therefore help me loads if you could read and review my new book – no purchase neccesary! (Reviews and star rating are better currency for me than sales at this point).

The book, ‘Playing Your First Music Festival‘, is a non-fiction, music business book for bands, singers, turntablists and musicians. The offical launch is Friday 2nd September, and so I would like star ratings and reviews in place for then.

There are 6 simple steps:

Step 1

The first step is have quick read of the book. Its a mini-guide (50 pages) and so should take you about 35 minutes at average reading speed.Please click on the cover image below to open up a PDF of the book. The PDF contains all the text and the images of the retail version,  and does not look the way it does when purchased or borrowed through Amazon. The PDF will give you an idea of the content though – which is the important thing.

Leaving a review - screengrab 5

Step 2

Click to go to the book’s page on Amazon.co.uk (after reading through the PDF): HERE

Step 3

Once on the book page, please scroll down until you see the ‘Customer Reviews’ section. Once there, click on the button that says,’ Write A Customer Review’. You DO NOT have to buy any product to review it! (That goes for anything for sale on Amazon).

Leaving a review - screengrab 1

Step 4

Click on one of the stars, from 1-5, to give your rating of my book. (You might have to sign in to your Amzon account after step 3 to do this.)

Leaving a review - screengrab 3

Step 5

A text box will open up after you click on your rating choice. You can leave a written review as well. You could put something such as, ‘very helpful’, or, ‘well written’, if you are not in the music business.

Leaving a review - screengrab 4

Step 6

That’s it! Thank you so much!

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