My new course on how to get a roadie job is available now

Its taken a while and I am proud to announce my course, ‘5 Steps to a Roadie Job’, is now available. You can find out more in this video and also below. I’m also offering a 50% discount on the course until May 31st 2016; please click here for your discount.

The ‘5-Steps to a Roadie Job’ course guides you through the steps you will take to earn a full-time living, working with bands on tour.
The course is broken down in to 5, simple steps, that you will take to find out who actually does the hiring of road crew, how to make sure they hire you, setting the right price for your work, and making sure you get paid properly. You will also discover simple marketing techniques that you can apply to make sure you are then always working, on –the –road.

There is a free preview available over at Udemy, so if you have no idea of how to get hired by a band that’s going on tour, then please click here to see the preview and claim a 50% discount.

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