‘It’s the greatest job in the world’

An interesting article from the Guardian newspaper – now I know what my job is!

And DFW?

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An excerpt:

“They are a secret army – the roadies, managers, stylists and technicians who make gigs happen. In the first of a series about unsung heroes in the arts, Alexis Petridis gets a backstage pass for New Kids On the Block.

As a teenager, Joe “Kentucky” Zaccone used to enjoy videos of Texas heavy-metal band Pantera. What struck him, however, wasn’t really the band but the roadies he saw backstage: “I just saw the way the crew interacted with the band and got interested.” He had inadvertently alighted on what he has come to regard as “the greatest job in the world”. He went on to spend 10 years learning his craft in the world of metal, with Slipknot, Danzig, Hatebreed, Type-O-Negative and Fear Factory. “Travelling technician, roadie, whatever you wanna call it,” he says. “It’s my life.”

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