Hi Andy, I am available for touring work

It’s not yet December and I am starting to see a trickle of emails in my inbox along the lines of ‘Hi, just to let you know I am available and looking for any touring work’. From experience these emails will increase leading up to the holidays and then really explode in number in January.

I find it all a bit depressing. We (freelance touring crew) all do it and never seem to remember; it doesn’t matter who you have just been working for, when they stop touring, you are out of work. If you do not plan ahead you can suddenly find yourself without work for a couple of months.

I get these emails because, as a tour manager, I am in a position to hire people. I have, in the past, sent our similar emails. I had to let people know that XYZ tour had finished and I was available.

Now, I am always advising people not to wait until the last minute to send out a bunch of emails. I tell anyone who will listen to get their network together, be proactive, subscribe to Pollstar and Audience, get those recommendations and have your work lined up in advance.

So why the other day did I find myself contemplating an email campaign to let people know I was available for work?

Old habits die hard I suppose.

It is still depressing though.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    my name is Trevor Franklin, i’m 23 years old and am currently based in Zürich, Switzerland.
    I am back home again from the Beauty and the Beast Festival Tour where i played as a Session Drummer for the band ‘Elis’
    two weeks ago. During the tour i got to know the drummer from the band Leaves’ Eyes and Atrocity, Seven Antonopoulos. I also got to know his Drum Tech. The Drum Tech’s job brought me great interest and i even helped out a little with Teching. My goal now is to experience this job for myself.
    My Girlfriend Sarah, who is 21 years old has always had an interest in selling Merchandise and would also like to develop this interest further. She is a hairstylist and so also has sales experience.

    We are very dedicated, open, flexible people and would be ready to start as soon as possible.

    Do you see a career or job chance for us?
    We look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards,

    Trevor Franklin and Sarah Bräuer

    • <>

      Any road crew position usually comes through recommendation. You therefore need to make a network (as you have begun to do my befriending the drum tech) and keep in contact with that network to find the opportunities. You may need to work for very little money (or even free) in the early days. Your aim is to make yourself absolutely indispensable to bands and artists.

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