EU Driving Regulations – a practical explanation

My good friends at Electric Fly contacted me with this helpful explanation on the impact of the new EC driving regulations on the touring industry:

“Maybe we are being obvious here but………..

Regarding this years new EU driving regs for tour buses here’s something that we at Electric Fly have figured out and which you might want to send out to your booking agents in advance of tours, as I’m sure most of them won’t be thinking about this in advance

In order to achieve the enforced 45 (continuous) hours off each week (which must be taken stationary), either the last show before a day off must be a short drive (eg 3hrs) or the drive to the next show after the day off must be. This is obviously dependent on show and load in times, but it does rule out situations such as recent tours we have been involved in where both drives either side of the day off were very long and required considerable palm greasing to get drivers to co-operate. Some drivers could just refuse, in fact, some bus companies refuse and will even report the situation to the ministry, which can be come a big issue when trying to get to the next gig which is 500miles away. Double drivers don’t work due to the ‘stationary’ clause.

Having a short drive before the day off or after the day off will achieve the 45hrs and and / or save the wedging up of drivers

Feel free to forward to other deserving TM’s

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Thanks Noel! You can download a copy of the EC Drivers Hours regulations by clicking here

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