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  1. Hi,

    This mail is to inform you about what A Plus is doing as business.

    A Plus is the choice of the biggest concerts and event companies in Turkey. Our team is ready to take action on all around the world at the biggest events as 50.000 guest per day. Our comapanies main duty is crowd management starting with with the facilities below;

    a) Pre event management
    b) Event management
    c) Repoting

    Our facilities are not limited with crownd management. A Plus is a combination of all the element on security field as Risk analysis, Close protection, security systems and trainings.

    I am also writing you our latest duties that we took action about both crown management security and close protection

    -Burn Electronica Festival
    -Mure Strategic, LLC USA
    And much more…

    We would apriciate to work together again and hope to keep in touch.

    These days we are looking forward to grow our company and to reach european countries. İt is really hard to reach people involved to this market but we are trying to figure out some ways.


  2. Hi guys
    we want to be part of festival and we don’t know how to do it. We’re the band with our best african vibe frm zimbabwe based in South Africa. pls advise us on how can be part of this great festival of music.more info call lazarus +27 789989229,call mr chris in UK,ask for shava mbira band cd,his cell number +447950848148.

    Yours In Music
    Shava Mbira Band
    Lazarus William
    Nice Day,hope to meet u there soon,best to info us by sms or call

  3. Hi M. Reynold’s

    I would, if I may, to offer you my French group LEGEND.
    You can see an excerpt of my concert video on You tube
    Teaser Legend Tour.avi
    LEGEND Teaser 1.mpg

    And maybe it will get your attention.

    Mark Lawrenc

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