Audio engineering jobs tutorial at the AES London 2011 conference

I am honoured to be presenting a tutorial on audio engineering jobs for live music tours at the 130th Audio Engineering Society ( conference in London. The tutorial session is called ‘How to Gain and Keep a Career in The Live Music Business’ and is based on my experience on helping people get ‘roadie’-type jobs on music tours.

The tutorial session will cover such information as:

· The live music business today

· Routes into the live sound business for engineers

· The different audio roles on a music show or event

· The specialized skills relevant to concert audio engineering

· Why sound engineering jobs are never advertised

· Employment vs freelancing

· Writing and presenting a relevant résumé/ CV

· How to start and run a freelance live audio business

.. and much more.

The 130th AES Conference takes place at the Novotel London West from May 13th – 16th. Full details can be found here.


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