A Tour Manager diary part 4

I use a simple Excel spreadsheet to put together my LPE/tour budget. I have created and amended the sheet over the years and am now pretty happy with it. As well as helping make basic calculations the sheet also acts as a memory aid as it contains categories for most of the expenses a large rock tour is liable to incur. By working my way down the spreadsheet I cannot only get a picture of costs but I also know I am not forgetting anything!

 Using the sheet is a simple matter of researching the particular costs (from experience or from quotes you may have asked for) and then entering the figures in the appropriate columns.

 The final ‘multiplier’ column must have a value of at least one for the sheet to calculate properly. For instance if you look at Per Diems in the screen grab you will see that drivers PDs are $88 x 29 days with a multiplier of 1 as there is just one guy getting the per diems for 29 days. However when you look ‘crew days off’ (I always try to a higher rate for days off as there is no catering supplied on those days) you can see that the calculation is $25 x 6 (the numbers of days off) x 3 (number of crew).

 Now I can work my way down the sheet, entering numbers and dealing with the organizational activities associated with each of the various categories as I go along.

4 thoughts on “A Tour Manager diary part 4

  1. Hi Andy,

    I’ve just stumbled across your site by beautiful accident. I’m currently studying a degree in Music & New Media Management and we’re doing a Tour management assignment including all parts of the deal. I’ve set up a spreadsheet myself and then saw the link to yours, but unfortunately it seems it’s not online on your server anymore.

    Would be very happy if you could send me the spreadsheet or re upload it 🙂

    Great site, keep it up!



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