5 Steps to a Roadie Job Email Course – Lesson 1

What has this got to do with you getting a road crew job?

At this point, I can hear you saying, “Thanks for the business lesson, Andy, but what does that have to do with me?” Well, you learn all the components of the live music industry to avoid making mistakes. One very common mistake is to assume that the person who promotes the show is the same person you deal with at the show.

The Promoter’s Representative

All concert promoters, whether large or small, rely on new artist talent that will sell more tickets, and the promoters will employ people who are constantly on the lookout for new talent. These people spend all day fielding calls from booking agents, making offers to bands and working on the show deals. They do the math and sign the deal. Wham, the deal is done, and then onto the next one. They do not have time to sort out sound and lights, print up dressing room signs, or arrange parking for tour buses. Other people in the promoter’s organisation are employed for those roles, and it is very important that you, as a road crew person, do the research to find the right person to deal with.

For instance, you won’t find the promoter when you arrive at a venue to prepare for a show. As I said, the main promoters are in the office doing deals, but they won’t let you fend for yourself at load in; they will send down a representative.

The promoter’s representative (or rep) is your point of contact if you want to speak to the promoter at a show as the actual promoter will not be around until much later, if at all.

The rep’s job is to be a liaison between the venue and the artist (and their crew) and to look out for the interests of the promoter.

The rep will arrive at the same time as the main equipment load in and is basically in charge of the show until the end of the night. And please do not assume I am talking about huge shows in theatres or arenas here. Remember, a successful concert promoter may have 10 to 20 shows going on each night and so will have to use their reps to oversee all of those shows on their behalf.

Now you know how the live music business works, and about the people who do the deals which will get you work.

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