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Help & advice
Everyone need a little help and advice sometimes, and this is a good place to start for anything to do with the live music business. Have a look around and you will find the articles and pages written for both artists and crew. All the articles have ways to comment on them, so post a comment if you are stuck or unsure with something. It’s a great way of getting an answer from the community!
There is a ton of useful information on the site – example contracts, how-to’s, and useful PDFs for example – and I’ve grouped them together, depending on whether they are more useful to crew people or musical artists.
On line courses are a great way to learn a new skill, or to brush up on knowledge that’s going to be useful in the live music business. I’ve started to create courses with this in mind, and you can take a look, and try a preview, here.
I have  three published books: ‘The Tour Book – How To Get Your Music On The Road’, which is required reading on many music management institutions including Berklee College of Music, ‘Roadie, Inc. How To Gain & Keep A Career In The Live Music Business’ and now, Playing Your First Music Festival – A Mini-Guide To Performing At Open-Air, Green-Field, Music Festivals.  If you have already bought a copy of any one of them – thank you.
Social is on the social networks, so you can friend/join/follow me and keep up-to-date with what is new and important in the live music business. You can find icons for the popular networks below, and I will let you know about others when I get on them.
I Teach Live Music Business. That’s what it says on all my sites, emails, and social networks. And that’s hopefully what I do. Whether I’m actually out on-the-road, helping bands and musicians make sense of increasingly complicated business and production demands, or more traditional teaching – in classrooms, online and via books – I’m always just looking to help others make their way in the live music business.